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bespoke software

Bespoke software applications are custom written exactly to meet your needs.

They make the job of running your business easier and more efficient. They remove the restrictions and frustration of off-the-shelf software which is not designed for your needs.

Internetbay operates closely with clients on bespoke websites. The bespoke development will be tailored to you and applying the best web technologies to improve business processes.

Before starting any bespoke work, we spend time with you as a client researching your requirements. Our experience in software engineering means that we understand how important it is to build up a strict specification.

We split up bespoke projects into a number of 'iterations' once a specification has been agreed. By breaking projects down into short iterations, we can focus on developing websites in stages. While the site is being developed, we prove clients with access to the work in progress, along with a shared project management system so they can monitor progress and give us continuous feedback.

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