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Many businesses have realised the hugh benefits and business potential from selling products online and now see the cost as an investment rather than an expense.

Whether you are taking your business online for the first time or seeking to increase your sales through ecommerce, Internetbay have the experience and know-how to make your ecommerce website a success. We are renowned for our impressive e-commerce web development solutions that captivate Internet shoppers and drive sales.

Internetbay work closely with clients to create an online marketing campaign that can include Pay Per Click advertising, SEO, link exchange and email marketing.

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E-commerce Features

We will work with you to structure your ecommerce site so that your customers find what they want quickly and then proceed to purchase the items.

Putting you in control

You will be able to organise your site by choosing the number and the titles of your categories and sub-categories. Into these categories you will be able to put as few or as many products as you wish, along with their description, price and, if required, a photograph. You will have the option to highlight certain products, offer discounts and promote special offers; all things that you can change as often as you like.


You may choose to have a search facility on your site so that your customers can find your products quickly and easily or, perhaps, an order tracking system so that they can see where their order is at any point after ordering.

Confirmation emails

Confirmation emails to your customer can be customized with product-specific information ensuring that your customer feels that they are getting a personal service.

Shopping cart

The shopping cart feature on your ecommerce site will be highly prominent and easy to use so as to make the whole buying process as simple as possible for your customer.

Shipping costs

You can choose where and how to include your shipping costs. For example, some products might be free to ship, whereas the shipping costs for other products might be determined by weight or by quantity. The system can be customized so that shipping charges are shown per item or at checkout.


Internetbay's e-commerce software has been developed to ensure the very highest level of functionality can be provided to our clients. Below you can see some general functionality our systems provide:

  • Product Editing
  • Customer Editing
  • Order Tracking
  • Mailing Lists
  • Customer Accounts
  • Reports
  • Multiple Admin User Accounts
  • Custom Tax/Shipping Costs
  • Unlimited Categories, sub categories
  • Multi Currency supports
  • Reports
  • Related Products
  • Compare Products
  • Unlimited Categories, sub categories
  • Export and Import Facility
  • Multi payment gateway support
  • Email a friend
  • Add to Wishlist

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Displaying Products

We will work with you on the design and structure of your ecommerce site.

The overall design of your website is important in that it needs to be eye-catching and reflect your brand identity; it must instantly appeal to your customer as soon as they open up your web page and encourage them to browse the pages.

We will advise you on how best to structure your ecommerce site so that your customers can quickly find what they're looking for and then go on to place an order

Once categories and sub-categories have been defined, we can decide on how to display your products to give your customers all the information they need in order to make the decision to buy. You may choose to have just a text description or include one or a number of photographs to make the product more real to your buyer.

An important feature of any ecommerce site is to highlight special offers and discount prices. You can choose which products to feature and how long the special offer/discount should last. Our website design will ensure that this section is prominent in order to encourage purchase of these products.

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Managing Your Site

All of our ecommerce websites come with a comprehensive back office system that places the control of your site back in your hands.

You can manage your store from anywhere; all you need is an Internet connection. The back office system is password-protected, giving you the reassurance that the whole website is secure.

Using an easy-to-follow menu, you can use the back office system to:

  • add, remove and edit products
  • add, remove and edit categories
  • manage online orders
  • manage your customers' accounts
  • manage your mailing lists
  • undertake marketing by email
  • access your site statistics

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Taking Online Payments

Having a reliable payment processing system and checkout for your ecommerce website is vital to ensure that your customer is totally confident when making a purchase.

Security is a fundamental part of the Internet and online business. Internetbay work with a number of proven secure payment gateways to ensure the very highest security is in place for your online business.

The customer account function of your site will allow your customers to set up accounts, edit the information in their account and retrieve lost passwords.

Your order form can be fully customized so that it is easy and quick to complete. Additional checkout options, such as discount code entry, tax ID number entry for exemptions and an option to be added to the mailing list, can also be included. Prices can be displayed in different currencies and with or without VAT included.

Your ecommerce site will support real time processing with leading UK payment gateway services. A payment gateway service (e.g. WorldPay) is a company that specializes in providing secure online credit and debit payment solutions. The facility to pay by cheque and by offline credit/debit card can also be built into your site.

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